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(You can order our beer gift baskets by phone but you have to pick them up at the store. Unfortunately, we cannot ship beer gift baskets.)

Gift Baskets from Shoreline Beverage are perfect for every occasion. There are dozens to choose from.

Each basket is filled with the most incredible beer selection in the world. Many also contain snacks and/or glassware for additional enjoyment.

We also offer a variety of non-alcoholic baskets including non-alcoholic beer, teas, juices and snacks for the most discriminating tastes.

Custom baskets are assembled in less than 15 minutes or can be ordered for future pickup.

Can't decide? Let the staff at Shoreline Beverage choose the basket that best suits your needs.

Trappist Ales of Belgium - Mixed
Item #1
Considered amongst the world's finest beers, this collection of large corked & small capped bottles have been brewed for centuries by the Trappist Monks of Belgium.
Trappist Ales of Belgium - Small Bottles
Item #2
Similar to the collection above, this basket contains Belgium's finest beers in small bottles. Like their counterparts in the mixed basket, these beers have been brewed to the highest of Belgium brewing standards.
The All American
Item #3
18 Beers from around the USA. This collection includes 1 each from the finest breweries around the country. Snacks included.
German Sampler
Item #4
From the most renowned and awarded German breweries comes a wide variety of lagers, hefe weiss beer, dark beer and Octoberfest beer.
The Pilsners
Item #5
This assortment of the world's finest Pilsner beers includes a fine collection of this light and refreshing style of brewing. Enjoy this multinational selection with some friends and you'll be sure to have a good time.
Around the World in 18 Beers
Item #6
An amazing array of award winning, world class beers from various countries around the world including Great Britain, Czech Republic, Japan, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Poland, the good old USA and many others.
The Non-Alcoholic
Item #7
For the lover of non-alcoholic beer, this basket is stocked with 12 beers from around the world. These beers are made by the very breweries that produce the alcoholic versions of these fabulous beers. Snacks included.
Weiss Beers From Germany
Item #8
From German breweries, famous for their excellent examples of a refreshing and unique wheat-based style of brewing comes an assortment of flavorful and rich tasting beers.
Craft Beers of Great Britain
Item #9
From the UK's most traditional, old world craft breweries is a collection of award winning beers brewed in classic English styles.
The English Pints
Item #10
The best jolly old England has to offer. These assorted pints of English beers are sure to please the most discriminating pallets.
South of the Border
Item #11
A treat for the light lager fan! Here's the beer you may have enjoyed on your last tropical vacation assembled in one delightful basket. These 12 beers represent the best the Caribbean, Mexico and other South American countries have to offer. Snacks included.
High Octane
Item #12
A rare collection of beer with a high alcohol content. Brewed to be sipped slowly and enjoyed while relaxing in front of a roaring fire.
The India Pale Ales
Item #13
Many modern breweries produce award winning examples of this aromatic and hoppy style of strong pale ale. They are traditionally brewed strong and heavily hopped to survive long ocean voyages. Snacks included.
The Shoreliner
Item #14
Hand picked by our staff, this collection represents the best of what our customers have reported over the past 35 years. We will choose 12 beers based on what our own beer experts say are the best beers in our store. Snacks included.
Orient Express
Item #15
An assortment of quality, often hard to find beer from several Far East countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, India and China.
The Nor'Easter
Item #16
A fine collection of beer from the Northeast corner of the United States. Beers included are from New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine and New Jersey. Snacks included.
The New Yorker
Item #17
Award winning beers from New York's finest micro-breweries. Snacks included.
Malternative Variety Pack
Item #18
For those who enjoy a more fruity, lighter taste, why not try something a little different. Some clear, some cloudy, these new-age, malt-based beverages are sure to please. Snacks included.
The Cooler Basket
Item #19
Not just a summer time favorite anymore, this array of flavored beverages is a year-round treat. Selection includes 18 mouth-watering and refreshing wine cooler flavors from various vintners.
Item #20
A variety of 15 teas from Snapple, Arizona, Nestea, Nantucket and others. Let us choose the flavors or you can customize the basket for the tea lover in your life. Snacks included.
Nutty Basket
Item #21
Loaded with salted, mixed, honey glazed, dry roasted and plain nuts of all types and sizes. That special someone will surely go nuts over this special treat.
Cartoon Characters
Item #22 & 23
6 for $59.95 or 12 for $69.95
This constantly evolving collection of refillable Bellywasher sippers contains 12 cartoon characters including super heroes, Power Puff Girls, Scooby Doo and many, many more.
High Energy
Item #24
A dozen or your favorite high energy beverages from Red Bull, Bawls, KMX, 180, etc. This will surely pump you up!
Snack Attack
Item #25
The perfect gift for the couch potato. Full of zesty, savory, salty, crunchable and munchable goodies like pretzels, potato chips, corn snacks, beef jerky, cheese puffs and more, more, more!!!